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Free Shifa Health Clinic:

OTC (over the counter) Giveaway 






On Saturday 12th November 2016, Shifa Free Health Clinic along with AIOF and Med Assist hosted a OTC (over the counter) Free Giveaway at the MEC-Charlotte Location on Shamrock Drive.

Over 600 people benefited from this program. Volunteers helped by giving away items like cold, cough and Flu Medication, Band Aids and First Aid items, Pain and Allergy relief, Vitamins and Children medicine etc..

All were very grateful for the Free Medication and happy to know of a free clinic available.

The Shifa Clinic is a FREE HEALTH CLINIC and we provide free advice and health screenings to all faith, uninsured below the poverty line, regardless of religious beliefs, in an appropriate atmosphere free of judgment.

We thank Med Assist for this great opportunity to give back to the community. We hope to work with them again in the future.

We thank all the volunteers who came out together to help make this a successful event.

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