May Free Clinic


Another successful event supported by a full dedicated serving team of volunteers including members from both medical and non-medical profession helping the patients going through medical checkup including onsite lab tests.

We saw patients from diverse communities approaching Shifa Health Clinic for health checkups by showing their trust and confidence in the health clinic.

The clinic saw another huge turnout marking completion of 9 months of beginning the social service for helping the uninsured people and who live below the poverty line.

Shifa Heath Clinic is providing immense satisfaction to both Patients for having their much needed health checkups free of cost and also to the volunteers for being part of the team for serving the community with their knowledge and experience.

The clinic was operated out of MAS-Charlotte’s facility at 4301 Shamrock Drive. Raza Ulhaq, the director of the Shifa Clinic, arranged a well-run organized program.

This is a service which shows our commitment and support to our fellow Americans.

The next date is Saturday, 11th June 2016.

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